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A smooth and optimized manufacturing process.

A 360 ° service

Direct relationship

In the world of work there is a need to inspire trust, create positive relationships and lasting collaborations, this does not mean only providing answers and solving customer problems, but also taking care of the experience and relationships that are created between a customer and everyone. the contact points.

For us at Ca'Plast the direct relationship with the owner and with the staff of collaborators is a guarantee of seriousness, precision and organizational capacity.


In these times of hyper-connection for companies it has become important not only what a company does but “HOW IT DOES IT”.

Before embarking on new projects, we analyze the feasibility of the request, the times and costs of the entire production process with a "preliminary".

The guarantee of a careful preliminary analysis allows us to respect the supply forecasts while maintaining the quality of the product.


The quality of a good plastic product largely depends on the type of mold. To guarantee our customers a precise and long-lasting mold, and therefore provide products without burrs, we rely on the best partners for the design and manufacture of molds.

The synergy with our partners allows us to optimize customer service: we share a common goal, and we pool resources and skills.

Injection moulding

Our injection MOLDING process is for the most part AUTOMATED, each press in fact has a 3 or 5 axis Cartesian robot for picking up the pieces from the mold. We have a fleet of machines with different tonnages (from 60 t to 470 t), this allows us to provide the customer with various types of plastic material processing, reducing time.

Furthermore, thanks to the precision and quality of our workmanship, the finishing process is reduced to a minimum.

Automated assembly

We have lines dedicated to automated assembly on board the machine with maximum time optimization.

Two presses simultaneously print the components which, thanks to a robot, are assembled before being placed on the conveyor belt.

This investment has not only allowed us to increase our production capacity but over the years has confirmed our credibility in the plastic processing sector.


We pay great attention to the packaging phase, order and rigor are basic rules for us. We are flexible e  upon agreement the customer can choose the type of external and internal packaging of each product. After molding, the product is carefully packed and prepared for traced and verified evasion . 


Our production cycle ends with the shipment. Even in the final phase we do not lose our quality standard thanks to a highly qualified internal service. The goal is not achieved until the material is delivered on time, we always do our best ..._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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