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An evolving business.

Ca'Plast presents itself as the ideal partner, capable of carrying out all the typical supply chain processes in plastic processing.
The direct relationship with the owner and the staff of qualified collaborators is a guarantee of seriousness, precision and organizational capacity . 

"A company is worth
as much as people
that make it up. "



We are a company with which you will always have a direct relationship with competent staff. We are distinguished by fairness in relationships, and the willingness to organize the production phases of the projects proposed to us in the best possible way.  


We specialize in injection plastic molding, supplying quality plastic components to small, medium-sized companies and large industries.

We stand out for the care and attention paid to all stages of processing, for the precision of the product and its packaging up to delivery.

We have a fleet of machines with different tonnages (from 60 t to 470 t). The molding process is mostly automated, in fact each press has a 3 or 5 axis Cartesian robot for picking up the pieces from the mold . 

We also have dedicated lines for automated assembly on board the machine with maximum optimization of time and costs.

An internal tracking system for warehouse organization and order fulfillment allows us to always be precise in response and delivery.

"Innovation is

the ability to see

change as an opportunity,

not a threat. "


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